Drive business results by reaching out to individuals in a real, effective, and timely manner.

Why our ad service works so well

Adlyt is an easy-to-implement ad system allowing advertizers to easily and quickly post and advert or share their content.

Easy to use

Easily create an advert. Write your title, description, add a link and an image if you want to, and let the system do all the work for you

Keep track of your website statistics

Keep track of all the stats on your stats page.

Share your Content

Want to share your content? Great, add your RSS link and let Adlyt do all the work for you.

Automated system

Adlyt is a no-hassle system that lets you set up the account, add your link or website. After that, you may only keep track of your stats. Adlyt is fully automated

Our mission is getting publishers a constant stream of income and much more...

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How Adlyt ad system works

We share similar content that your readers should be interested in.

Create an account and add your advert

It's completely free to create your account. Log in, go to the Add ad page and create your ad.

Wanting to promote your content?

If you wish to promote your content, just add your RSS feed and Adlyt will take care of everything for you. You'll get featured in related content.

Check your stats

Check your website statistics on your Stats page.

Get paid

Get paid for 1 million views and ads.

Start earning now

This is such a simple service to use. Just grab the Adlyt code, paste it on your website and start earning.

Mike Salvado


Frequently asked

There is no catch, adlyt operates as an internal market matching advertizers with publishers easily and efficiently. Advertizers get exposition and publishers get income and free traffic

The payment values updated regularly and may have small monthly variations. At the moment, Adlyt pays US$1 for 1 million views and $0.15 for click.

At the moment, we only accpet websites in English and with interesting content.

Yes, Adlyt id fully compatible with other advertizers.